Chinese Minister of Justice visits Buren’s The Hague office

On the 25th of April we were honored and proud to have welcomed a delegation of the Chinese Ministry of Justice headed by the Minister of Justice, Mister Fu Zhenghua at our office in The Hague.

Mister Fu Zhenghua and the delegation was welcomed by Pieter van den Berg (Managing Partner), Steven van der Waal (Senior Partner), Jan Holthuis (Senior Partner and head China Practice), Jochum Haakma (Senior Advisor), Mrs. Li Jiao (Counsel), Qian Gu (Advisor) and Robin van Keeken (Business Development)

The delegation has chosen to visit Buren due to its long, good and well-known reputation in and with China.

After a warm welcome and short introduction by Steven van der Waal, we had the privilege to meet the members of the delegation and Mister Fu Zhenghua introduced us to his team of advisors.

After the introduction was done, Buren had the opportunity to inform the delegates about the good relationship with China and our service to Chinese companies in the Netherlands. In addition to confirming the good relationship, we discussed the differences and similarities between the two cultures.

At the end of the meeting Mister Fu Zhenghua invited Buren to participate in a seminar about cooperation between Chinese and foreign law firms. We are looking forward to participate in this event.

We were delighted to have gotten the opportunity to inform the delegation about our expectation to further enhance our cooperation with China and emphasize on the great potential we see in the cooperation with China in the future.

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