Restart for Miss Etam, Claudia Sträter, Expresso, Steps and Promiss

The companies Miss Etam Operations B.V., Modehuizen Claudia-Sträter B.V., Miss Etam Group B.V., Miss Etam Holding B.V., ME&P Retail IP B.V., Miss Etam Services B.V. and Promiss Retail B.V. (parent company FNG) were in a state of bankruptcy since 7 August last. On September 4, investor FLV Group announced it would take over Miss Etam, Claudia Sträter, Expresso, Steps and Promiss.

VanHaren takes over 43 Brantano stores in Flanders. The shoe brand was also part of the parent company FNG. The Brantano stores are all being converted into VanHaren stores.

Earlier, in April 2015, Miss Etam and Promiss were declared bankrupt, with the appointment of Martijn Vermeeren of  BUREN as bankrupty trustee. At that time, there was a successful restart with over 100 stores and a large number of employees.

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