Leon Handjes

Senior Associate | Candidate civil law notary

Leon, candidate civil-law notary at Buren, is engaged in the international corporate law practice and advises (ultra) high-net-worth individuals and families as well as entrepreneurs on tax and corporate law matters in order to safeguard their privacy, limit their tax burden and/or to secure asset protection, during which he keeps a balanced corporate governance policy in mind. Furthermore, he is specialized in (cross-border) conversions, M&A (including private equity), restructurings as well as demergers/split-offs, often involving multi-billion businesses. Also, Leon is specialized in public benefit pursuing entities (ANBIs) from a tax and corporate law perspective and the Dutch UBO register. 

In 2010 Leon obtained various bachelor degrees (notarial law, tax law, and Dutch law) at Leiden University, where he also obtained a master degree in notarial law in 2011. After having gained experience at various (international) law firms, Leon joined Buren in 2013. In 2014 he obtained a master degree in Tax Law at Tilburg University. Subsequently, he finished a three-year post-academic course in 2017 after which he was sworn in as acting deputy of civil-law notaries by the Court of Amsterdam. 

Leon is a member of several associations, including the Dutch royal association of civil-law notaries.


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