BUREN Thesis Prize for Insolvency Law 2021

Every year BUREN, together with Celsus Juridische Uitgeverij, awards the BUREN Thesis Prize for Insolvency Law to the best thesis on insolvency law. The jury of the BUREN Thesis Prize for Insolvency law 2021 consists of prof. mr. H. Koster (professor Company Law at Leiden University), mr. H.J. de Kloe (lecturer Insolvency Law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam) en mr. M.J.H. Vermeeren (partner and laywer BUREN).

Are you eligible?

  • You are a student in a Dutch university;
  • You have written an awesome Master’s thesis on insolvency law graded 8 or higher;
  • Your thesis has been reviewed between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021;
  • You have written your thesis in Dutch or English.

If you just answered yes to all these questions, enter your thesis for the BUREN Thesis Prize for Insolvency Law 2021! The deadline for submission closes on September 17, 2021.

What is the prize?

  • EUR 500;
  • The opportunity to work as a student trainee in BUREN’s Restructuring & Insolvency department;
  • Celsus Juridische Uitgeverij will publish your thesis, and you will receive five copies.

How to Enter:

Please submit the anonymised thesis (i.e. without the names of the author, supervisor or university), together with the completed and signed entry form, to: [email protected], attn. Ruud Brunninkhuis (jury secretary).


BUREN is a dynamic firm of lawyers, (junior) civil law notaries and tax advisors closely working together in multi-disciplinary teams. With over 120 staff, the firm has offices in Amsterdam, The Hague, Luxemburg, Shanghai and Beijing. BUREN has several foreign desks (CIS, Japanese, South-American and Chinese) to better serve its (inter) national clients.

BUREN’s clients include prominent (inter)national companies, organisations and investment funds. Buren ranks among the top of mid-sized firms in the Netherlands, and can call on an impressive network of leading foreign law firms. 

About Celsus Juridische Uitgeverij

A full-service text and publishing company for the legal sector, Celsus Juridische Uitgeverij focuses on editing, designing, producing, printing and publishing legal books and other texts. Such texts include monographs, dissertations, Festschrifte, conference proceedings, articles but also master’s theses of students of law.

Download here the terms and conditions and entry form BUREN Thesis Prize for Insolvency Law 2021

Terms and conditions and entry form


Key contacts

Ruud Brunninkhuis

Senior Associate | Lawyer
Send me an e-mail
+31 (0)70 318 4200

Key contacts

Ruud Brunninkhuis

Senior Associate | Lawyer
Send me an e-mail
+31 (0)70 318 4200

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