ESG Desk

ESG Desk

ESG has become an increasingly important aspect of our clients' business operations, with new European requirements to report on environmental impact and efforts to reduce that impact. ESG (non-) compliance can affect entire business operations, both internally and vis-à-vis third parties. Good governance is a crucial factor in achieving environmental and social goals, and effective implementation and compliance of measures are necessary.

At BUREN, we understand that ESG issues call for a multidisciplinary approach. With their diverse backgrounds and expertise, our team of lawyers, tax lawyers, and notaries are ready to assist you in navigating the changing legal landscape. We take an integrated approach to collaborate on providing comprehensive solutions to your ESG challenges.

Our team's varied areas of expertise allow us to approach your ESG issue from different angles, ensuring that all aspects will be analysed and considered thoroughly. We provide advice and services tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you require legal advice on ESG aspects of financing, governance, social issues, tax implications or supply chain topics, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complexities of ESG compliance. BUREN can assist you in developing and implementing a successful ESG strategy that includes ESG contract scans, vendor due diligence, supply chain due diligence, codes of conduct, and CSR-compliance checks.

Below, you will find more detailed information for each practice area on the issues involved and how we can support you. You can trust us to provide comprehensive solutions that align with your business goals and values.

Corporate, M&A and commercial law aspects of ESG

The European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is expected to have a significant impact on reporting sustainability information. Compliance with CSRD is likely to become a factor in M&A transactions. Supply chain due diligence is also gaining importance, as reporting requirements extend to parties involved in the supply chain. Good governance cannot be implemented just by ticking the boxes on a checklist, but only by effectively implementing and complying with the appropriate measures.

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Banking & Finance aspects of ESG

The potential impact of ESG factors on long-term sustainability and profitability is increasingly recognized. This will make ESG an aspect that our clients in the Banking & Finance industry, notably financial institutions, lenders, and borrowers will have to give serious consideration.

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Tax aspects of ESG

There is a growing need for the implementation of ESG standards in our clients’ business practices. Taxes are important for businesses trying to meet more ambitious ESG standards. ESG-related tax incentive, for instance, make investing in more sustainable business practices more interesting. Furthermore, increasingly strict tax legislation has been and will be introduced to discourage investments in energy intensive and polluting industries. The approach to tax could also have an impact on the reputation of companies vis-a-vis their stakeholders such as customers, employees and suppliers.

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Employment law aspects of ESG

The S or social factor of ESG considerations becomes increasingly important, and legislation focuses more and more on social criteria. For today's employers, safe, modern and sustainable employment conditions, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and compliant internal reporting channels (whistleblowing) are key to managing a global workforce, handling the growing demands of labour unions and works councils.

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