Japan Practice Group

Japan Practice Group

We support Japanese business success in the Netherlands from the legal side

Every year, many Japanese companies come to the Netherlands with a need for legal and tax assistance in establishing their (European) operations and to benefit from a wide range of tax treaties. Furthermore, there is a growing number of Japanese companies that require our services in respect of maintaining, expanding or relocating their (foreign) operations to the Netherlands. At the same time, the demand for Dutch law legal assistance is also steadily increasing.

To meet the specific needs of our large and ever growing Japanese client base, we have established a Japan Practice Group in 2008. The group consists of lawyers and support staff who are all Japanese natives. We assist our clients in their own language but also are fluent in Dutch and English. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the Japanese business culture and have studied law in Japan. 

The members of our Japan Practice Group often work side by side with the in-house legal counsel of the Japanese headquarters of our clients and often work side by side with their external legal advisers. We also have a broad legal network and close relationships with highly reputable law firms in Japan. It has proven to be a big advantage that we are able to provide advice to Japanese clients in their own language and that the members of the Japan Practice Group have a Japanese background and are totally familiar and have a full understanding of the Japanese culture which is on many points very different from the Dutch/European culture. As such the Japan Practice Group can provide a link between Japanese companies and their Dutch counterparties. In this way, efficient solutions can be found for problems Japanese companies may face.

The Japan Practice Group - where needed with the support of other practice groups - provides legal and tax services to Japanese clients but also assist Dutch companies doing business in Japan. Our services are often related to employment law and corporate law, including the incorporation of companies, registration of branch offices, mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures, tax law (international tax law, VAT, import duties), contract law (distributor and agency contracts, general conditions of sale) and intellectual property law.


Kenji Okano - Heijmans

Senior Associate | Lawyer
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Maiko Shintani

Legal Consultant
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+31 (0)70 311 4895

Ryohei Kurokawa

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Steven van der Waal

Of Counsel | Former civil law notary
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