Coronavirus (COVID-19) Desk

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Desk

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has a major impact on the global economy and public health. In order to provide you, as an entrepreneur or employer, with the best information, advice and assistance possible during these uncertain times, BUREN has set up a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Desk.

Our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Desk consists of lawyers, tax lawyers and advisors from various practice groups. The members of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Desk follow the news and measures taken by the government closely. Based on their expertise, they will regularly inform you about the economic measures that the government is taking to protect jobs and incomes and to deal with the consequences for SME’s, self-employed persons and large companies.

Links to the latest information from our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Desk are at the bottom of this page. Here you can find which measures may apply to you and as well as practical advice on how to best apply or file requests.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our contact persons if you have any questions or require our assistance regarding the coronavirus. They will gladly help you.


Measures taken for the Netherlands:

19 June 2020:
Dutch State Secretaries of Finance: Non-attendance of board meetings due to COVID-19 pandemic should not affect tax residency of Dutch companies and Dutch substance requirements

26 May 2020:
Announcement | Extension of emergency support package in light of corona

14 May 2020:
UPDATE | Dutch tax measures in light of corona virus | 12 May

13 May 2020:
Substance and Covid-19

4 May 2020:
Breaking NCC judgement on break-up fees in times of Corona

24 April 2020:
UPDATE. Emergency law that allows meetings of corporate bodies of legal entities to be held temporarily electronically effective as of April 24

10 April 2020
UPDATE | UPDATE | Dutch employment related measures in light of coronavirus

10 April 2020:
Checklist M&A aspects | Is your M&A deal Corona-proof?

9 April 2020:
UPDATE | Emergency law that allows meetings of corporate bodies of legal entities to be held temporarily electronical submitted to the House of Representatives

3 April 2020:
UPDATE | Emergency law to allow general meetings to take place temporarily 

2 April 2020:
Dutch Scheme on schedule?

2 April 2020:
M&A in times of Corona | All about pending, done and future deals

23 March 2020:
General meetings and board meetings during the Corona crisis

3 March 2020: 
The coronavirus in The Netherlands. What is expected of you as an employer?

Measures taken for Luxembourg:

15 July 2020:
Extension of deadlines for reporting obligations regarding FATCA, CRS and DAC6

23 March 2020:
Grand Ducal Regulation relating to the holding of shareholder meetings and board meetings in Luxembourg companies in the context of the current COVID-19 situation

18 March 2020:
The Luxembourg government announces measures to support taxpayers during the covid-19 pandemic


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Associate | Lawyer
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Edwin van den Broek

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Peter van Dijk

Partner | Lawyer and Tax Lawyer
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Pieter van den Berg

Managing Partner | Lawyer
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Suzan van de Kam

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