Legal information

Legal information

Legal entities and registrations
Buren N.V. is registered in the Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 27259366. The Dutch VAT number is NL 8123.50.285.B.01

Buren Avocats S.à r.l. is registered as a limited liability company (“société à responsabilité limitée”) incorporated under Luxembourg law and registered with the Register of Trade and Companies (RCS) of Luxembourg under number B 211.758 and with the Liste VI of the Luxembourg Bar Council. The Luxembourg VAT number is LU 29106434.

Professional Rules and Code of Conduct
All lawyers, civil law notaries and tax advisers are registered with and bound by the professional rules and codes of conduct of their respective professional organisations:

Buren N.V.’s lawyers, civil law notaries and tax advisers are insured in accordance with the rules of their respective professional organisations under professional indemnity policies, which include worldwide coverage.

  • Our insurance agent is:
    Aon Professional Services
    Pand Quarter Avenue
    Condensatorweg 54
    1014 AX  Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

Third-party account
The details of the Third-party account are as follows:

  • Beneficiary name:        
    Buren N.V. Notariaat
  • Beneficiary address: 
    Johan de Wittlaan 15
    2517 JR  The Hague
    The Netherlands
  • Swift BIC:
  • Account details:       
  • Account holding branch:
    Rabobank The Hague

General Conditions

  • The general conditions for Buren N.V. are available in Dutch, Chinese and English
  • The general conditions for Buren Avocats S.à r.l. are available in English

Complaints Procedure

  • Read our complaints procedure in English and Dutch
  • The notarial profession is affiliated with the Notarial Disputes Committee. The complaints and disputes procedure applies to our services. There is a dispute committee for consumers and one for entrepreneurs.