Family Law and Estate Planning

Family Law and Estate Planning

Private matters deserve personal attention

Within our family law practice, knowledge and experience are combined in drawing up official documents with personal commitment. A valuable mix for advice and services in the field of family law, inheritance and estate planning.

Private and business in balance

Many people wonder how certain matters are regulated in case they decease, or what happens when they are no longer able to act themselves. Also personal milestones such as cohabitation, marriage, divorce, custody of children and the settlement of estates ask for closing legal advice with respect to the personal emotions and circumstances.

With our extensive knowledge of family law, inheritance and estate planning, we help private clients with these sensitive and important issues. For corporate clients with private matters that require legal advice and action, we can add our knowledge of their business interests to provide security and peace of mind as well as opportunities.

We advise private and business customers in: cohabitation agreements, partnership conditions and prenuptial agreements, amendment of prenuptial agreements, gifts, wills and custody appointments, estate planning, powers of attorney, living wills, certificates of inheritance, certificates of executorship, rejection of estates, beneficial acceptance of estates, settlement of estates and inheritance tax declarations.


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