Settlement of estates

Settlement of estates

Many heirs come to the conclusion that settling an estate is much more complicated than they initially thought. For example, because the inheritance is substantial, there are assets abroad, assets are also claimed by third parties, or if there is still an ongoing business or if there are (legal) disputes between the heirs and creditors of the estate.

With a team of over 20 professionals, we settle many estates every year. We are known to all courts in the Netherlands and are regularly appointed by them as professional and independent liquidators. Heirs or executors often appoint us, granting us powers of attorney. Also banks, insurers, pension funds, charities and the Dutch government appoint us in the settlement of complex estates. In addition, we advise individual heirs or creditors and regularly act on behalf of heirs or fellow liquidators faced with disputes, international issues or complex inheritances.

Staff from different disciplines have joined forces in our settlement of estates practice. The combination of knowledge and experience in the notarial and inheritance law practices on the one hand with that of our bankruptcy law practice is a winning one. Inheritance law as laid down in Book 4 of the Dutch Civil Code contains many agreements similar to the Bankruptcy Act. And the practical settlement of estates is comparable to the settlement of bankruptcies. But there are also important differences and the settlement of estates requires the safeguards and impartiality offered by a civil-law notary. Our combined practice allows us to provide our private and corporate clients with a full-service solution, taking over their reporting and financial responsibilities in accordance with the bankruptcy guidelines, for instance. Our tax advisers can take care of inheritance and income tax returns.

With our legal, fiscal and financial knowledge, we are a one-stop-shop for both private and corporate clients. With this we distinguish ourselves from the many other firms that settle estates.

Various of our experts have successfully completed the Execution and Settlement course of the Netherlands Organization for Executors (NOVEX). 

We advise private and corporate clients on:

  • Settlement of estates
  • Certificates of inheritance
  • Statements from executives
  • Assets abroad
  • Disputes between heirs
  • Disputes with creditors
  • Advice on the settlement of estates
  • Rejection of estates
  • Acceptance of estates under the benefit of inventory
  • Inheritance tax declarations and income tax returns or objection to the same
  • Sale or liquidation of companies in an estate


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