Stefan van Wijk

Partner | Lawyer

Stefan van Wijk, partner and lawyer at BUREN, focuses on insolvency law, financing and securities and commercial contracts. His specialties are advising companies in financial difficulties on restructuring and impending insolvency, and advising directors and shareholders on liability risks. He works in insolvency practice and business law practice and advises businesses of various sizes in these areas. He is also available for appointments as a restructuring expert (herstructureringsdeskundige) and observer (observator) in Dutch Scheme proceedings.

Since 2007, Stefan is frequently appointed as trustee in insolvencies by, amongst others, the District Court of The Hague, and is actively involved in insolvencies in which colleagues are appointed as receiver. He also acts as a lawyer in proceedings on matters such as directors' and officers' liability, contractual disputes and unlawful acts.

Stefan completed his studies in Dutch Law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2007. Stefan successfully followed the Grotius Academy post-academic education on Insolvency Law in 2016 (cum laude). In 2020 Stefan successfully completed the specialization course Execution and Settlement of Estates of the Dutch organization for Executors (NOVEX).

- Dutch Association of Insolvency Lawyers (INSOLAD);
- Corporate Litigation Association (VCL);
- Dutch organization for Executors (NOVEX).


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