Cees-Frans Greeven speaker at IFA

On the annual IFA congress, this year in Rio de Janeiro, Dartmouth and SCFN are organizing an informal discussion on international estate planning during a breakfast meeting on Tuesday 29th of August 2017.
The discussion will be joined by Cees-Frans Greeven, partner at Buren. Cees-Frans Greeven will be giving the perspective on estate planning from Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The OECD, through the Common Reporting Standards established for Automatic Exchange of Information, has imposed reporting requirements strictly according to control and not economic benefit, or current economic benefit. This affects trusts, trust-like vehicles and passive investment vehicles: and therefore affects protectors, settlors and beneficiaries. Concurrently, the Brazilian amnesty program introduced reporting requirements and tax obligations for trust settlors and beneficiaries, based apparently on the notion of control or future economic benefit.

During the meeting there will be focused on effective estate planning tools focusing on client assumptions common to many Brazilians:

  • Maintain control or economic benefit during the client’s lifetime
  • Avoid anticipating tax and asset reporting for heirs (when that is the client wish)
  • Eliminate risk of inheritance taxes in other countries
  • Tools which do not conflict with Brazil’s forced heirship laws
  • Estate Plans which may be changed

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