Bankruptcy SuperTrash

At the beginning of this week the (Dutch) media reported that fashion company SuperTrash - previously led by Olcay Gulsen - filed for bankruptcy. It appears that on 20 March 2018 Wayahead B.V. has been declared bankrupt by the Amsterdam District Court. The court has appointed mr. S.A. (Stephan) Voermans, employed at Levenbach Advocaten - as bankruptcy trustee.

The bankruptcy trustee is charged with the management and settlement of the bankrupt estate of Wayahead B.V. The bankruptcy has consequences for employees, suppliers, landlords, debtors and creditors. We can advise any involved party on the consequences of the bankruptcy of Wayahead B.V.

Wayahead B.V. is director and/or shareholder of affiliates ST Holding B.V. (trade name SuperTrash), 2Stepsahead Real Estate B.V., SuperTrash International B.V., The Show B.V. and ST Retail Holding B.V. Of these companies, to our knowledge only Wayahead B.V. has been declared bankrupt at the moment , the other companies not (yet).

If you have questions in connection with this bankruptcy, please contact:
Martijn Vermeeren: 0031 (0)70 318 4200 / e-mail
Ruud Brunninkhuis: 0031 (0)70 318 4200 / e-mail

We have a lot of experience with insolvencies in the retail sector, such as the insolvencies of (female) fashion chain Miss Etam, the department store V & D, and fashion brands MS Mode and Mexx. For more information, please visit this page


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