Buren and HIL International Lawyers & Advisers to merge firms in the Netherlands and China

Buren lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax lawyers, and HIL International Lawyers & Advisers have merged in October 2016 and will jointly continue under the name Buren. Once the integration has been completed, Buren has over 120 employees, consisting of over 70 lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax advisors. The combined firm's locations are in Amsterdam, The Hague, Luxembourg, Shanghai and Beijing.

The merger of the two firms will result in the largest China focussed law practice in the Netherlands by integrating the Chinese and Dutch professionals including 12 Chinese lawyers (9 based in Shanghai and Beijing) supported by a team of Dutch lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax advisors with a strong track record in the Chinese market.

The Netherlands based lawyers of HIL have joined the Amsterdam office of Buren to further develop the national and international practice. As a result of the merger and recent hires Buren's Amsterdam office will consist of 20 fee earners.

Steven van der Waal (partner at Buren): ‘The merger with HIL enables us to further realise Buren's ambitions in Asia In addition to our specialised Japan Desk, consisting of four Japanese professionals, we will now be strengthening our position on the Chinese market by having local offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Buren has been active in China for quite some time and has been assisting Chinese clients who invest in ventures located in the Netherlands or Luxembourg or through organisations located in these two countries. By combining the Netherlands based team skills and expertise with the teams located in Beijing and Shanghai, we will be able to offer Buren's Dutch clients integrated Dutch Chinese legal services which is unique and unrivalled in the Netherlands.'

Jan Holthuis (Managing Partner at HIL International Lawyers & Advisers, who lives and works in China): ‘HIL has been operating in China since 1995. The strong growth of the Chinese market and the interests that Dutch businesses have in this emerging market, have meant that our practice involving China has grown faster than our Dutch practice. This merger will improve our position tremendously. Buren has a successful international transaction practice in the Netherlands, and the HIL team offers local Chinese legal services. The integration of Chinese and Dutch legal knowledge and experience provides major advantages for our current and future clients. We will now be able to leverage our aggregated expertise and years of experience in Chinese law and legal practice. Furthermore, the newly combined firm will be in a better position to offer advice about investments made by Chinese companies in the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the preferred gateways to Europe."

Prior to the merger Buren had offices in The Hague, Amsterdam and Luxembourg. These offices employed over 55 lawyers, civil-law notaries, and tax advisors who work together in assisting leading (multi) national clients.

HIL International Lawyers & Advisers, founded in 1992, was the first Dutch firm to obtain permission from the Chinese Ministry of Justice to open an office in China. HIL is located in Amsterdam, Shanghai and Beijing and prior to the merger had 18 employees, 15 of which are lawyers. HIL has a strong track record in advising leading Dutch multinationals and family businesses operating on location in China. HIL lawyers and Chinese lawyers teach Chinese law at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Wageningen University & Research.




Steven van der Waal (Buren合伙人) :"与浩达的合并使我们进一步实现了在亚洲的抱负。除了我们由4名日本专家组成的日本团队外,通过在上海和北京的分支机构我们现在将加强在中国市场的地位。长期以来,Buren活跃于中国市场,并且一直服务于在荷兰和卢森堡投资或者通过位于荷兰和卢森堡的机构投资的中国客户。

Jan Holthuis(浩达国际律师事务所管理合伙人,居住并工作在中国):"浩达自1995年在中国开始运营。中国市场的强劲增长以及荷兰商业在这一新兴市场的利益增长,意味着我们与中国相关的实践比在荷兰的实践成长的更快。合并将极大地提升我们的地位。




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