Q&A on the Insurance market in China

The insurance markets in countries like China and India are growing rapidly, which make them exciting places to work and invest but sometimes also higher risk. Each emerging market has its own complexities, its own legal structures, and often a distinct approach by its own government, which must be understood when considering growth prospects and possibilities for entering the market. In the Asia issue of Insurance Day Magazine, BUREN’s Jan Holthuis shared his view on the changes in the legal and operating environments in China and their significant implications for international re/insurance groups.

Asia focus Q&A Oct 2019

‘This article was originally published in Insurance Day magazine on October 12th 2019.  You can see the original article on the Insurance Day website here: https://insuranceday.maritimeintelligence.informa.com/ID1129401/Focus-Navigating-the-regulatory-turbulence-in-India-and-China

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