Seminar - Globalisation and the Asian Business environment - 15 June 2017 - The Hague

On 15 June 2017, Buren is organising a seminar with top speakers from The Economist and Clingendael Institute

With the world's paradigms shifting, new political, economic and legal challenges and opportunities impact our business with Asia. What's the position of China in this changing world and what strategies should we follow to anticipate to these changes in our daily business?

Please join us for a presentation with top speakers and Asia experts from The Economist, the Clingendael Institute and Buren. They will share the latest developments and insights on global and regional trends that directly relate to operational risk and business strategies.

China Business Association (EUCBA)
Jochum S. Haakma
Chairman, former Consul-General in Shanghai
Speechpoint: Opening

The Economist Intelligence Unit
Fung Siu
Regional Manager Asia
Speechpoint: Preparing for the paradigm shift, globalisation and the Asian Business environment

Clingendael Institute
Frans-Paul van der Putten
Senior Research Fellow
Speechpoint: Sino-US relations and the geopolitical situation in the Asia-Pacific 

Jan Holthuis
Speechpoint: China's legal system lacks certain western rule of law characteristics. Can a legal approach to business in China be competitive? 

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