BUREN opens coronavirus (COVID-19) desk

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has major consequences for you as an entrepreneur or employer.

In order to provide you with the best possible advice and assistance during these uncertain times, BUREN has set up a coronavirus (COVID-19) desk.

Lawyers, tax lawyers and advisors from various BUREN practice groups translate the news and measures taken by the government into clear and practical advice for your company.

On our coronavirus (COVID-19) desk page you will find more information and the latest updates.

You can also contact one of our contact persons directly. They will gladly help you.

Key contacts

Pieter van den Berg

Partner | Lawyer
Send me an e-mail
+31 (0)70 318 4822

Peter van Dijk

Partner | Lawyer and Tax Lawyer
Send me an e-mail
+31 (0)70 318 4834

Suzan van de Kam

Partner | Lawyer
Send me an e-mail
+31 (0)70 318 4297

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