BUREN advises ServerFarm

BUREN advises ServerFarm EU B.V. on the acquisition of all shares in the English company 5NINES Global Holdings.

ServerFarm is an innovative IT and data center developer and operator and offers integrated services in the field of real estate, data center management and IT management. ServerFarm owns and operates data center space including facilities in Chicago (IL) and London (UK). ServerFarm is owned by the Red Sea Group, an international real estate development company.

5NINES develops unique data center platforms that provide colocation and managed data center services. In addition, 5NINES offers services such as VOIP, internet, Cloud VPS hosting, web development, cyber security and a commercial data center. 5NINES has operational subsidiaries in the US, Finland, the UK and has substantial assets in the Netherlands.

Through the acquisition, the employees, customers, subsidiaries, activities and assets of 5NINES will be integrated into the global activities of ServerFarm. With the acquisition, the ServerFarm network is expanding to various new locations in Europe and the US, while the company is increasing its capacity to deliver highly effective digital transformations for global businesses.

BUREN advised ServerFarm on the Dutch legal aspects of the Dutch subsidiary that operates a data center in Amsterdam.

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